Thursday, January 19, 2012

Learning Games Online Are Free Too

Now that my family has younger kids that are playing more video games, they are trying to make sure that the kids can play and learn at the same time. Upon doing some research we realized what a vast amount of online educational game sites on the web. There was one problem however: because they considered themselves to be more unique than a typical arcade site, they charged monthly fees and some of them were not cheap by any means. Looking deeper, there were many other sites that were completely free. The games are just plentiful and educational.
Generally, the paid learning game sites try to show how unique they are claiming your child will become a genius by playing only their games. Yet on the complimentary websites, they use less gimmicks and just emphasize that your child will learn something new with every game they have or improve a skill. More importantly not only will they be educated without knowing it, but they will have more fun in doing so.
The free websites put more emphasis on kids having fun while learning in a realistic level. The educational sites which are charging money for their online games claim they have vast libraries when some of them in reality only have about ten to fifteen games on them. Compared to other arcade sites, that isn't too much.
So there may be some good learning game sites online but do not think just because you have to pay means they are better.
Online learning games are great for both kids and adults who want to have fun but don't have a video game console.

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